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Worst Thing You Should Stop Doing To Acne and Their Scars


It is very annoying to have acne; so as to have an acne scar. Just when you thought your acne problem is over, a scar after it goes into the picture to increase the period of displeasure you feel, and it’s just not good.

You might have asked yourself, “What should I do to get rid of my acne scar?” You might have done a lot of things to get rid of it, yet, whatever you, the scar is still on your skin, and it’s getting even worse. If that is the case, then probably, there’s something wrong. This time, change your question into “What should I not do to eliminate this acne scar?” or in another form, “What do I do that causes this acne scar to stay longer?”

Get to know 6 things you need to stop doing to your acne scar from now on so that you can easily get rid of them every time you get them.

1.      Getting Your Hands On

One of the hardest things to do when you have an acne scar is to get your hands off it. You know that uncomfortable feeling of annoyance you get whenever you see yourself on the mirror and spot that tiny scar. The annoyance is accompanied with teeth-gritting thrill that definitely makes you wanna get that blemish out of your face in no time.

It’s so hard to control the urge, but darling, you have to. You need to stop touching it because the tendency is that later on, you will find yourself picking it, rubbing it, scratching it, squeezing it, pulling a thing out of it and doing everything just to remove it. It’s addicting once you lay your hands on it and start “treating” it in your own wrong way, so you surely need to stop getting your hands on your acne scar.

2.      Being Too Reliant on Skincare Products Just Anywhere

Sometimes, just because you want to explore or because you want to avoid expensive treatment and operations (if needed to a certain extent of severity), you tend to give yourself some treatment you’re not sure of. Be careful when buying facial masks and creams you see just anywhere. Some might irritate your skin and worsen your acne scar.

Just because you see testimonies of skincare products’ buyers online or a convincing seller just somewhere, doesn’t mean you should also buy one for yourself. You have to make sure of its background, manufacturing, effect, quality and health safety. You must be extra careful because instead of treating your acne scar, you might just make it worse if you apply just anything on it.

3.      Exposing Yourself to Too Much Sun

An acne scar turns darker and bigger when it is uncovered from the sun’s heat. It’s not a secret that UV radiation and the sun have the power to cause discoloration to the skin. Aside from that, other skin problems might occur. Your skin gets more vulnerable to damage when it is scarred, thus, more when it’s scarred and exposed to the sun at the same time.

4.      Putting On Heavy and Harsh Makeup

Concealing an acne scar with foundation or with lots of makeup is a common misconception of treating and getting rid of these spots. The truth is it harms the skin even more, blocking its pores, disabling the skin to freely breathe. Makeup, most especially when they’re not suitable for your skin type or for scarred skin, can cause discomfort to your skin. Instead of making your skin recover rapidly, you slow the healing process of your acne scar.

If it’s compulsory for you to wear makeup, select oil-free ones. Make sure you choose the best quality makeup products with safe ingredients. There are also makeup products specifically made for acne scar recommended for you if you have to wear makeup and treat your acne scar at the same time.

5.      Not Visiting Skincare Experts

If you’ve been suffering from your acne scar for a long time already, maybe there’s really something wrong with your skin. Don’t wait for it to get worse. Don’t settle for the “always scarred” looked after getting an acne. Go for an expert advice so you’ll know what’s wrong with your skin and how to treat your acne scar the proper and best way. Don’t sit down at home wondering what’s wrong while doing wrong to your skin.

6.      Ignoring Your Acne

Last but definitely not the least, you must stop ignoring your acne. In the first place, your acne won’t scar if you do better in treating your acne. Once you get the acne, do all the right steps and avoid the wrong habits so that you’ll prevent your skin from getting acne scar. Go ahead of trouble, and don’t let it in.


Acne scar is one of the blemishes you hate seeing on your skin, however, sometimes, they’re just inevitable because it really triggers you to touch it or it just scars. Remember that the skin is very important and precious, that’s why you need to take good of it.

Your acne scar doesn’t really disturb you or bother you with lots of effort. It just stays there on your skin and leaves the “getting myself disturbed” task to you. That’s when it becomes even more annoying. It’s annoying even when it just stays there and does nothing. That means it’s you who needs to adjust. If it’s annoying, be more annoying. Don’t let it make you do what it wants you to do (that is to damage your skin) so keep in mind the above-mentioned 7 things that you should stop doing to your acne scar from now on.