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Secret Of Kim Kardashian’s Fitness – Workout Diet Plan And Tips


Everyone adores Kim Kardashian for her perfectly defined body. Do you want to know the secret of Kim Kardashian’s fitness? Kim Kardashian is the socialite of the moment and everything she says or does always generates expectation. Of all, her curvaceous figure is what most attracts the public. The woman of Kanye West West feels proud of her body and shows it shamelessly wherever she is, from wearing risky looks to starring in completely nude magazine covers. In order to please all her followers, the fashionable woman has revealed what is her secret to keep her polemical buttocks and her wasp waist. What do you do to sculpt your physique?

Kim Kardashian Fit Body Secret

Secret Of Kim Kardashian's Fitness - Workout Diet Plan And Tips


Doing many squats and training with a corset is the bases to have the body of Kim Kardashian. The celebrity follows a strict routine of physical training day after day to maintain it, even if it does not like anything. This is what Jennifer Giardini, her personal trainer, says, who says that the celebrity does not like to go to the gym and “hates work on the floor”. However, she is forced to do so because “she has a small problem of sweet addiction and a tendency to overweight”. The expert points out that before the pregnancy the famous one weighed 56 kilos with her height of 1.57 meters -which means a BMI of 22.7 and, therefore, a correct weight- but after the birth, she has gained a few kilos or more.

Since the birth of the little North West, the mother has set her batteries and follows Gardini’s daily sports routine. These are based on toning your buttocks and tuning your waist, and therefore socialite practices series of 12 repetitions of squats and strides. These exercises are performed while wearing a corset, which allows you to modify your physiognomy and easily narrow your waist. 

In addition to these exercises, the celebrity completes his routine with a 40-minute session of Megaformer, a machine that combines cardio, pilates and yoga exercises with high intensity of muscular activity.

Kim Kardashian Diet Plan

Secret Of Kim Kardashian's Fitness - Workout Diet Plan And Tips

Kim Kardashian prefers Healthy and low carbs diet plan for her fit body. She took approx. 2000 calories and a very few amounts of carbs.


For breakfast, she prefers omelet and yogurt with almonds and berries

Mid-Morning Snacks

In midday snacking, she takes one or two ounces of nuts or fresh veggies with guacamole dip

Lunch and Dinner

She Prepared her lunch and dinner using olive oil and includes eggs, fish, and red meat with plenty of fiber-rich veggies

She also loves eating fresh fruits, salad, and avocado

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

Secret Of Kim Kardashian's Fitness - Workout Diet Plan And Tips

She follows Very strict and hard workout regularly and trains twice a day for 2 hours. Kim Kardashian workout routine is given below-

She Starts her workout with warm up and runs on the treadmill for about 15-20 mins.

Then she does some cardiovascular exercises.

After this, She practices some strength training exercises in morning and Pilates in evening

Her strength training includes pushups, lunges, curls, squats and shoulder presses

She also used to jump rope and dance

Kim Kardashian Diet and Workout TipsKim also follows Barry’s Boot-camp classes which is a mix of weight lifting and high-intensity cardio.

She also includes Pelvic Curls and Heel Beats exercise for her butt in her workout

She loves doing Pilates swimming

Kardashian’s workout session ends with some stretching exercises.

Kim Kardashian Diet and Workout Tips

Follow a healthy diet

If you want to lose post-baby fat and consult doctor your before following any diet

Follow your workout routine regularly

Say goodbye to carbs

Do your workout in your way

Have protein with every single meal