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How to increase height with meditation?


People have a strong faith that it is not possible to increase height after the age of 23. Many of them still hope in their hearts that they could get a chance to increase height after the age of 24, 25, or even 35. This hope is basically in the hearts of people of this generation who are in the age of 23-35 at the current time because they didn’t pay enough attention to their heights when they were in their growing years.

As a matter of fact, I want to tell you that you can still increase your height even after the age of 25. Those who say it is scientifically impossible to increase height after certain age are merely underestimating the capabilities of your body. Your brain is very powerful and it is capable of doing anything if you can command it that way. Read further to know how.

Role of your brain in the height increase

Your brain is powerful thing. It has two parts – the one you know and the one you are not aware of. The part that you are not aware of is a huge one and its power is eternal.


The conscious part of brain is the one you use on daily basis to perform tasks and take everyday’s decisions, making choices etc. This is the only part you are generally aware of and I can bet that you never have thought beyond that.


On the other hand, your subconscious part is a huge fertile land. It contains the memories of past, life-experiences, regrets, fears, expectations, hopes etc. Everything you have in your subconscious has a huge impact and influence on your conscious mind.

As I said this part of the brain is a huge fertile land. This means that you can use your subconscious to make your brain you the things that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. If you can control your subconscious, you can definitely reprogram your brain to increase your height.

Here’s where meditation comes to play!

How meditation helps in increasing height?

Meditation is a great practice to perform. It offers you stability, calmness, and better coordination between your mind and body. Moreover it helps you to understand things more accurately with better perception and depth, including your subconscious.

Now what meditation does for height is that it makes you aware of the things going in your subconscious and how these things are influencing you day-to-day jobs and activities. When you will be able to get this clarity, you can easily seed the concept height growth in your subconscious and make your mind act accordingly.

Meditation technique for height growth

I have already discussed the Pituitary Gland meditation for height growth in one of my previous articles. You can practice this meditation and track the results and growth over a period of time. This meditation commands your brain to release the height growth hormones and make you grow 2-3 inch taller.

You have to  be very consistent and focused while performing this meditation to see the effective results.