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How Lemon Water Helps In Improving Digestive System?


Vitamin C is one of the most important Vitamins that our body needs. It acts as an immunity booster and helps our body to fight and prevent many diseases. The best source of Vitamin C I have ever known is Lemon and I love the fact that Lemon can be added anywhere to anything to improve both taste and health. One of many health benefits of lemon is that it helps in improving ones digestive system and promotes weight loss.

How does lemon helps in improving digestion?

Many experts and researchers believe that lemon gives a big boost to your digestive system by nourishing the body and improving basic body functions. Drinking lemon water regularly gives your body more time to consume and process the essential nutrients present in the food you eat.

That means lemon water promotes the slow absorption of the food which is good in two ways:

  1. It helps in conservation of insulin stores in the body and insulin is very important to keep our blood regulation in check.
  2. It gives your body enough time to absorb all important and healthy nutrients from the food you eat.

If your body is used to quick absorption of carbs from corn starch, wheat flour and corn syrup, then it can be damaging to your digestion.

Aside from that, lemons are wonderful source of Vitamin C that is essential for your robust and sound overall health. Drinking lemon water without adding sugar in the start of a day before breakfast is a wonderful way to start your day off. It gives you a great dose of energy and freshness while improving your digestive system.

How to drink lemon water for better digestive system ?

drink lemon water for better digestion

You can drink lemon water without adding sugar in it for the maximum benefits. Here is how you make lemon water for better digestive system.

  1. Take a lemon and glass full of chilled water. (Normal water in winters)
  2. Squeeze the lemon into the water and mix well.
  3. You can add mint leaves or salt for a little taste.
  4. Drink it up.

If you are drinking lemon water for weight loss, you should drink lukewarm lemon water for faster fat melt.

Drawback of drinking excess lemon water

Though lemon water is very good for your health but it can be a little damaging to your teeth and belly as it slowly erodes the enamel which can’t be built back. This enamel can’t even be replaced. Therefore you must consume lemon water in moderation for a long run.

Tips to drink lemon water to prevent enamel from eroding:

  1. Don’t drink lemon water alone. Make it the part of the meal and drink it likewise. The saliva of your mouth prevents your teeth from its acidic properties and therefore your teeth stay safe.
  2. Don’t drink the lukewarm lemon water without straw and don’t forget to cool it a little before drinking.
  3. It’s advisable to drink the lemon water before brushing your teeth as it will not let the lemon water interact directly with your teeth.

Lemon gives you a great head-start for the day with the energy boost and is very beneficial for your digestive system and overall health. So, don’t forget to start your day with the fresh glass of lemon water and have an energetic start to your day.