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Most Useful & Effective Weight Loss Tips You Must Know


Weight loss is not a rocket-science and it’s not that easy either. No weight loss tips are ever going to work out for you if you are not determined enough.

I am 28 years old and I was little overweight in my early 20s. At that time, I decided so many times that I will lose some weight to get in ideal shape. I was searching for the tips and methods to lose weight online but all of this was a waste until past few years when I was actually able to shed off some extra pounds to get in an excellent body shape that I am in now.

Why wasn’t I able to achieve it earlier?

Maybe, because I chose a damn hard weight loss plan which was hard to stick with. I think I didn’t have the dedication and determination to follow that plan, and that’s why I failed by making a wrong choice. My plan was to stick to boring diet and rigorous workout. It was going good for 1 week, and then distractions took over. The pizzas, burgers, and an irresistible urge to skin work out won and I came back to my usual routine.

After that, I have a track record of such similar failures.

And then I learned a lesson

From my failures, I didn’t learned what to do. Instead, I learned what not to do. The one thing I understood was that I was setting the extreme goals that were hard to achieve in short span of time. I was setting too high goals with too hard plans. So, I gave up on those goals and ideas.

What was the right way then?

Now the real question was, “If that is not right way to lose weight, then what is the right way?” This time I dug the internet little more deep with unbiased thoughts. I made sure that I have all the information I needed to make a perfect plan for me to lose weight. In this article, I will be listing all the things I considered which you can follow as your tips. I made the plan I won’t need to quit with the help of my nutrition expert.

Effective tips to lose weight

Here are some tips that might help you lose weight effectively with little hard work and no troubles beyond your capability:

Find out what is your ideal body weight

The only way you can figure out how much weight you should lose is by finding out what is your ideal body weight according to your height and age.

You can use the chart below to find out what is your ideal body weight.

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Find out your goal

Now that you know what your ideal body weight is, you can easily find out your goal or we can say how much weight you need to lose. Just measure your current weight and deduct your ideal weight from it. The number you are left with is the total amount of weight you need to lose. That is your goal.

Divide your goals into smaller ones

There is one thing that can discourage you from following your plan is that fact that you’re always focusing on your ultimate goal and desperately trying to achieve it. In the process, you forget about little achievements you have accomplished. Therefore, it is recommended for you to divide your ultimate goal into the milestones and celebrate your success with each milestone you have achieved.

Make a diet plan that you can follow

Who says dieting is about not eating? It is about eating healthy. You know what? Dieting is not tough at all. It is all about replacing your unhealthy favorites with your healthy favorites. As simple as that. I know you won’t get to eat pizza, but it is okay because you are going to accomplish something better and bigger. Do not ever starve yourself and eat plenty of tasty and good things consulting your nutrition expert.

Healthy Breakfast is a must

First – Don’t ever dare to skip breakfast. Second – It must be healthy and full of fibres. Breakfast is like a lighthouse for your body to provide you energy to stay active all the day. If you skip breakfast, you tend to overeat in the lunch and dinner. Skipping breakfast also make you attract more cravings to junk food and sugar.

Keep track of your calories

Maintaining a calorie deficit is very important in order to lose weight because you have to burn more calories than you consume to get thinner. Now take one milestone and figure out what is the ideal time to lose that amount of weight in a healthy manner. Now you have a time frame. You can easily calculate how many calories you must burn each day to reach your milestone in than given time frame.

And if you want to add cheat days in that time frame, you might need to do a little extra work out on other days or eat little less food. Just make a plan according to you. Make the promises you can keep.

Exercise at least 3-4 times a week

Well, the diet won’t work without exercising because you have to perform physical activities to burn extra calories you have in your body. If you are not a gym fan, then you can workout at home, but I recommend joining a gym because gym was the only thing that kept me moving.

There are two reasons behind it:

  • Joining gym requires fees. If you have paid some amount, you will definitely go there to take advantages you money you have spent. Human nature, you know.
  • It makes a routine for you. It becomes sort of compulsory in the same way as you have to go to the office or college even when you don’t have to. Joining gym gives you a sense of commitment.

Make some healthy habits for you

Some healthy habits also play a role in one’s fitness and weight loss. So, it’s good to have some healthy habits like taking stairs instead of list, walking to local market rather than driving, have a walk after dinner, be outdoors with your kids and play with them, and there are many other. You can rely on such habits to shed some extra pounds from your body.