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Can You Have Dates For Weight Loss?


Dates are available both seeded and de-seeded, and they are even available in syrup form. The dates are one of those most commonly available dry fruits that come in various types and yet, all of them have this delicious taste. The sweet taste and texture of this fruit make it hugely popular. Perhaps, this is why you must have jumped out in joy knowing that you have an option to lose weight with dates. If you want to know whether dates are really helpful, then the answer is yes. Contrary to the popular belief that dates only cause weight gain, we now have a theory, which is also instrumental in losing weight.

Will Dates Help To Gain Weight or Lose It?

Dates are a rich source of calories, and rich in fibers and minerals. In fact, dieticians say that since dates have these exact properties, people looking forward to losing weight should go away from it. However, there are a few reasons why its consumption will help in reducing weight too. It might be confusing for the people to look for weight loss with the help of dates.

Doing away with dates altogether is not an answer to any diet plan. It is high in vitamins and minerals, as much as it is high in sugar or calories. Still, it is quite possible to go for a date for weight loss. Besides that, there are scores of other health benefits of dates that bring a perfect balance to your diet. A big reason for them helping in weight loss is the presence of potassium and high levels of sulfur in it.

People who go on a diet or look and maintain their weight follow only one principle. The principle is to go for a healthy diet having all the right nutritional value, and not stop working out too.

Benefits of Dates on our Health

Now the question is how do dates help in weight loss? They are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and even daily consumption can help the body in many ways. Dates are great and very effective means for weight loss.

  • High in calorie content: Having dates, you will realize to feel full quite fast. For this, we have to accredit the high-calorie The presence of sugar makes our stomach feel full.
  • Rich in minerals: Dates are rich in iron content and hence, a source of great energy. Having a few dates in the morning can keep the body energetic for a long time too. Likewise, the presence of other nutrients or minerals helps in keeping the body fit and gives strength and stamina. Presence of potassium can help in burning excess fat from the body thereby helping in the weight loss.
  • Fibers and amino acids: The digestive system should be in top order for the weight loss of the most stubborn fat from the body. The presence of fiber and amino acids in the dates helps in controlling fat and weight loss. They help in flushing out toxins from the body too. It also helps in preventing fat from depositing or settling down in the body and blood.
  • Anti-oxidants: Rich in carotenoids and other such antioxidants, the dates can help in reducing inflammation. This indirectly helps in increasing the metabolism and removing all the unnecessary fat from the body thereby directly helping with the weight loss.

How to Eat and Lose Weight With Dates?

how to eat dates

Anything eaten in the right quantity is good for health. Since dates are high in sugar or protein, it is better to keep an eye on its quantity while consuming. So, you can either have it:

  • Simply as any dry fruit, just pick up around six to eight approximately of these dates and have them as fruits with breakfast or after dinner.
  • You can have it with milk since it is a lot more refreshing.
  • You can use it in dessert as a direct supplement for sugar.

How Many Dates Per Day is Ideal for Weight Loss?

As we already stated, if you have anything in control, it will not harm you. Taking as many as six to eight dates per day with milk or just on its own will be great for health. It is sufficient to have it if you are planning to go on a diet.

It will therein reduce your urge to have sweets too since it is already rich in sugar. So, if you have it as a substitute for desserts or sugar, it will be a perfect replacement. You will have to remember that for any diet to work miracles on your body and mind, you must work out. Physical fitness is not just going to be a one-point solution. Just as people working out should also ensure that they get sufficient energy and nutrition from food, even those going for dates to lose weight must supplicate the body with the workout.

Dates are rich in energy-giving nutrition, so it is perfectly fine to work out and have dates. It will keep the body metabolism high and even give glucose in the body for the much-needed workout to help it break down.

More Nutritional Benefits of Dates

Dates are rich in nutrition and while we saw that it is a great source of fiber and glucose, there are many other benefits of consuming it.

  • Give energy: High in various sugars like glucose and fructose levels, the dates are great for energy. Mere consumption of four to six at breakfast can give you a great boost of energy to run through the morning.
  • Protects from seasonal flu and allergies: Does seasonal change affect you or cause allergies? Do you fall prey to flu and get sniffles or rashes every time, there is a change in the wind? Dates are effective protection for you from falling ill too soon. They are full of iron and minerals that help in increasing your immunity.
  • Great for blood: Whether you have low RBC count or issues with blood circulation, just consuming dates will be the best natural medicine. It is a proven fact down these years.

Besides using dates for weight loss, you can rely on these tasty sweet dry fruits for making any boring dish delicious too. Who said that dieting had to be boring and arduous? With dates, your weight loss journey can be just as delectable!