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5 Minutes Meditation Technique For Stress Relief


Meditation Overview

Meditation or Mindfulness is a way to train your mind for getting a healthy sense of perspective. It is a process to transform the mind and develop great concentration levels. Meditation is not a part of any religion, it’s a scientific technique to attain a level of consciousness to feel the internal peace and to relax your mind. With meditation, you can understand things in a better way without any judgement. In ancient times meditation was performed by Yogi’s in India to achieve Nirvana. Since 19th-century Meditation (Dhyana) has spread to western countries and comes under psychological and neurological category due to its various health benefits. Practicing meditation regularly improves mental health and it is very helpful for mental disorders like anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorder and weight loss.

How Does Meditation Help in Stress Relief?

5 minute meditation

As you know busy lifestyle gives you stress and depression that brings stressful situations in your lives. If you want to get rid of stress then Meditation is the only way. Meditation therapy helps you to control stress, anxiety and anger. Meditation gives you peace of mind, relax your mind, improve quality of thoughts and improves overall physical and mental health. It helps to flush out toxic thoughts from your mind and let it calm down. Meditation can be performed by any person of any age groups at any place but there are few principles which need to be followed for better results.

Breathing Technique in Meditation

Inhaling and exhaling air from the body is a vital process that keeps a normal human being much alive. While meditating, control over breath is one of the best meditation techniques for beginners to get desired results. Breathing evenly and slowly from the diaphragm is the correct way to meditate. Although to breath like this, you need to practice for a long time soon you will be able to relax more quickly.


While meditating, sitting posture plays a vital part to provide you with the desired output. For this, you need to learn about how to keep your spine straight. This is a scientific fact that straight spine allows even circulation of blood in your circulatory system. Normal circulation of blood will help you to remain more alert than ever before.


Along with the guided meditation audio, you need to have a positive attitude towards the techniques you are following. This will allow you to feel the complete benefits when it comes to learning. In other words, you have to clear your mind of every bad thing except the learning on how to focus your mind so that you can feel relaxed.

Stress Buster

Meditation is the best stress buster, through meditation we can create more space for emotions and become more aware of our emotions. When we have stressed out thousands of thousands runs in our mind and we lose control over our emotions and mind. Meditation helps us to control our mind and to think more mindfully for understanding our emotions and life in a better way. Meditation improves our concentration level and develops skills to work on our toxic thoughts in a more fruitful way. Through meditation, our mind becomes more capable of handling stress and pressure.

5 Minutes Meditation for Stress Relief

5 minute meditation - Stress buster

5 Minutes stress relief meditation is the simplest way to reduce stress, tension, depression and anxiety quickly. You can actually feel the difference after five-minute meditation. You will be more energetic, happy, calm, relaxed and peaceful after your guided session of stress relief. With 5 minute practice, you can reap the benefits of meditation without going to an isolated mountain. In 5 minutes stress relief meditation session do not let your thoughts control your mind, let your mind wander away from you.  

How to do 5 minute meditation?

To perform 5 minutes meditation for stress relief you need to find a quiet place where you can sit in comfortable position.  

Steps to do 5 minute meditation.

  • Set a Timer for Five Minutes: Turn off the ringer on your mobile phone and set a timer for five minutes. You can also listen five minutes guided meditation music for better concentration.
  • Relax your Body and Sit in comfortable Position: Sit comfortably and relax your mind and body. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to release your stress and tension. Now try to focus on your body and visualize your body from head to toe. Exhale your tension and stress through your breath. Count your breath slowly to 5 counts.
  • Clear your Mind and Thoughts: To clear your mind to acknowledge the thoughts which distressed you and let them go. Now focus on your present moments and feel the energy. Stress Relief meditation is all about constantly bringing your mind back to present moment.
  • Keep Working: Do this for five minutes and feel more energetic and relaxed. Simply focus on your breath and letting thoughts go. Regular practices help you to reduce stress levels.


Other Health Benefits of Meditation

Here are some other health benefits of meditation

  1. Regular meditation helps to reduce the anxiety level.
  2. Breathing technique in meditation helps Asthma patients to improve their condition.
  3. People, who practice meditation feel light and happy.
  4. Meditation controls High Blood Pressure due to its body and mind cooling properties.
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome can be cured through breathing technique used in meditation.
  6. Meditation improves our heart health and makes our lungs strong.
  7. It helps to reduce hypertension and headache.
  8. Meditation also helps people to fight obesity and lose weight.
  9. People can get better sleep through meditation.
  10. Meditation helps people to get rid of depression and improves concentration level.
  11. Meditation helps you to increase height.

So, From now meditate regularly and live a healthy and peaceful life with more courage, strength and a smile on your face.

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